Georgia Tech's basketball history tells a story of triumph.

The Yellow Jackets center Ben Lammers knows it quite well.

“They used to call this the Thriller Dome,” Lammers said.

But the big man who is also a history buff knows McCamish Pavilion has been less thrilling the past few years. This year, Lammers and the Yellow Jackets are trying to reverse that.

“We’re doing a pretty good job so far. We just need to keep doing what we’re doing,” he said.

The Yellow Jackets (17-13) wrap up their regular season on Saturday against Syracuse before the ACC Tournament, and they’re still vying for a possible bid into the NCAA Tournament.

Lammers will be out there working in the post and likely blocking shots. He’s been outstanding since the start of 2017, putting together five 20-plus point performances and six double-doubles.

But even when you’re playing the best basketball of your career, you need to escape every so often. For Lammers, he likes to escape the present by studying the past.

“It’s a nice change of pace from mechanical engineering classes and basketball,” Lammers said on his fascination with history.

But Lammers, 21, likes more trivial history facts that most don’t know.

“Andrew Jackson, they say he was in so many duels his body rattled because he had so many bullets in him...I think it was during the Cold War, the U.S. was doing a psychic program. Stuff like that I just find really interesting and funny,” he said.

Not your average history nerd.

Mash Lammers’ worlds together, basketball and history, and he’ll make some pretty interesting comparisons.

Lammers says head coach Josh Pastner fits the mold of a World War II general.

“I'd go with George Patton. I see him as a major strategist,” Lammers said on Pastner. “It's definitely a great thing when a coach is this positive and fired up about the team's future.”

It's perfect balance: strange history facts for a studious big man.

Oh, and a fearless leader.

As George S. Patton once said:

"To be a successful soldier, you must know history."

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