WASHINGTON -- John Wall went off against the Atlanta Hawks.

He scored 32 points, had 14 assists and helped Washington take game 1 of the Eastern Conference first round playoff game 114-107.

But one of the most impressive moments of the night wasn't his dunk in transition, three or assists out to Markieff Morris. Rather, it was when he jumped over the entire Hawks' bench like it was no big deal.

Wall was on defense and tipped a pass. He immediately began chasing it down as it went towards the Hawks bench. He built up so much speed that there was no stopping him, and he hurdled over the bench, right next to Kris Humphries who is 6-foot-9. Luckily, Malcolm Delaney ducked right in time.

Wizards head coach Scott Brooks was impressed.

"I was just hoping that he would stick the landing. I was going to give him a 10," Brooks said. "It was impressive. Athletic. That looks easy because these athletes make things look easy. To jump over an NBA bench and land it and not get hurt is-- I would have crashed into everybody. I would have been like a bowling ball, crashing into everybody. It did concern me, but I like guys that play with effort."

Wall was just fine. There was no Déjà vu to Game 1 between these two teams in the 2015 Eastern Conference Semifinals when John Wall injured his hand after driving to the basket and ended up missing three games. The Wizards lost that series 4-2.

Wall said the injury was on his mind coming into the series since most believe it was the deciding factor for the Wizards' elimination. But he's is casting all that aside now.

"I can't comeback with all of that on my mind and try and do it by myself," Wall said.

As for the 15 points and assists on nearly every play in the third quarter, Wall just said he was defending his house.

"I got into a rhythm. I'm knocking down shots, and I was just being aggressive," he said.

"John can takeover games, he can take over quarters, he can takeover plays. He's a tremendous competitor. He plays with toughness," Brooks said. "That's high level All-Star game. Not only is he one of the best players in his position, he's one of the best players in the league. I see that everyday."

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