ATLANTA -- It happened again.

The Atlanta Falcons were trying to rally late in the game against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday at the Georgia Dome to get back in the win column.

Then, it was suddenly Déjà vu.

Last week against the Seattle Seahawks, Julio Jones' arm was held down by Richard Sherman while he tried to make a grab on 4th-and-10 on a potentially game-winning drive, but no pass interference was called. Jones remained calm after the game. He thought he was interfered with, but he showed little frustration.

This week, Jones went up to try and catch a deep pass from Matt Ryan, and his arm was held down again, this time by Steve Williams. For the second week in a row, the league's top receiver is not getting the calls he deserves.

And he's fed up.

"Even though he pulled me down, I still touched it with one hand," Jones said. "I got a hand on it, and they said it was un-catchable.

"Back-to-back weeks something like this happens. Definitely can't put everything on one play, obviously. But at that moment, at that time, I feel like he didn't let me get the ball. I felt like my ability, I could have went up and got that ball. I didn't even have to jump with everything to get that ball, and the referee said it was un-catchable."

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The Chargers kicked a game-winning field goal in overtime to win 33-30.

Jones had nine catches for 174 yards.

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