ATHENS, Ga. -- This is huge news. Hold on to your hats because Kirby is not.

Georgia Bulldogs head coach Kirby Smart is undefeated....when not wearing a visor.

Big, right?

One of Smart's early signature styles was his visor. He wore it at Alabama, he wore it during the offseason and at the G-Day game.

But, he did not wear it in the season opener against North Carolina at the Georgia Dome because it was an indoor game.


He didn't wear it at Kentucky because it was dark.


He didn't wear it against Auburn at home. The game started in the afternoon, and it was dark by the second half.


By this point, it was noticeable. We were even Tweeting about it before games because that's what we do.

So when Smart came out to coach the Bulldogs during a noon game on Saturday against Louisiana-Lafayette at home and did not wear a visor, we knew that he knew about the record. It was too sunny for him not to want a little shade for his brow.

So when asked about his undefeated record, Smart said "What?!"

He then revealed someone actually told him before the game about it while he was still wearing a visor. So what did he do? He took it off!

Now, he said he doesn't buy in to the "superstitions" no-visor thing...but he's lying. He obviously does, or he wouldn't have taken the visor off.

What did Georgia do against UL-L?


You can read about it here: Georgia wins for reasons other than Kirby Smart not wearing a visor. (I think it had something to do with Isaiah McKenzie's record day).

Here's everything Smart said about the black jerseys and the no-visor 4-0 record: