A photo of Patricio Garino signing his contract for the Orlando Magic was Tweeted (and deleted) by his agent, and in the background was a white board with some interesting information on it.

On the board, there are lists of NBA players on other teams, and they are categorized by if they will be available in free agency or could be traded.

At the top of the "Hybrid Free Agency" list is Paul Millsap, the Atlanta Hawks forward who after this season can opt out of the player option in his contract to become an unrestricted free agent.

There's been talk about Millsap leaving the Hawks after this season, especially after there were rumors the Hawks were going to trade him before the deadline. But unless the Hawks put together the money needed for a max deal, Millsap could be on the way out, and now we now Orlando is interested.

There are other Hawks on the white board including Ersan Ilyasova, Mike Muscala and Thabo Sefolosha. 

While it's not a huge deal (we all know teams are going to go after Millsap), it does give some interesting insight into the thought process in the meeting room. For example, Dario Saric's name is under the trade list with the initials AG in parenthesis next to it. That likely means the Magic think they could trade Aaron Gordon (AG) for Saric.

Head coach Frank Vogel told the media today he felt like he needed to talk to Gordon about what he saw in the photo.

“Typically, with rumors and stuff like that, we don’t really address them,” Vogel said. “But this is a unique situation, and I talked to him a little bit this morning, and everybody’s good. We’re ready to move on.”

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