LeBron James' family didn't want him to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

James' admitted that during a video on UnInterrupted filmed during the NBA All-Star week in New Orleans and release this week during the NBA Finals.

The three-time NBA Champion said owner Dan Gilbert's letter had a lot to do with his mom and wife both saying to forget that about going back to the Cavs, except they used a different F-word.

Gilbert had written an open letter to fans after James' decision to leave the Cavaliers to go to the Miami Heat in 2010. In the letter, Gilbert describes James' decision as cowardly and promises a championship in Cleveland before James gets one. That didn't happen.

Here's what James said in the video:

"For me personally, when I decided to go back to Cleveland, I had to decide like-- because our owner at the time when I left decided to put out this [expletive] article that we all know about where he completely liked, based me and disrespected, not only me, as an individual, but also my name. And my name is not just myself, it’s my wife, it’s my kids, my grandfather, my mother. So many different people. So for me, when I decided to go back...I had to let them know, because some people were on the fence, like my wife. My mom and my wife were like [expletive] that. I ain’t with that.

"My mom was definitely like [expletive] that. I’m not going back.

"I had to finally just be like, you know what mom, I’m not even really about that. Me going back is more of this," he said while raising his hand high. "It’s more of a bigger picture. It’s all these kids, all these people that need inspiration and a way to get out.

"As much as my mom means everything to me and my wife means everything to me and my kids. My mom was like listen, you go back. I’m not going back with you. She’s like, I’m staying in Miami."

But as we know, LeBron did go back. Gilbert apologized, and the Cavs have since won an NBA Championship. Gilbert should just be happy James has a strong connection with the state of Ohio. Or he probably would have listened to his mother and wife.

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