It's been a confusing few days.

At the beginning of the week, reports were that Texas head coach Charlie Strong was on the way out (again), Houston head coach Tom Herman would be going to Texas, and Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher was definitely going to LSU where interim head coach Ed Orgeron has been winning the hearts of many since Les Miles was fired.

Still with us?

Doesn't matter if you are because within a matter of days of all that being reported, Texas responded to the reports by stating that they would evaluate Strong at the end of the season (again), Fisher turned down a big raise from LSU to stay with the Seminoles, and Herman said to not believe anything you hear or read about him going to Texas or LSU (he became a candidate after Fisher turned it down).

Meanwhile, Orgeron led the Tigers to another big win against Texas A&M on Thursday to improve his record to 5-2 since taking over.

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It looked like the Louisiana native was going to undoubtedly replace Miles, who was fired after the Tigers lost to Auburn in Sept.

After the Tigers won their first three games under Orgeron, the Tigers lost to Alabama in a defensive battle decided in the fourth quarter. The Tigers lost to Florida two weeks later, which wasn't a good look for Orgeron and had many pundits dismissing him for the head coaching gig.

But after Thursday's win, Tigers players have come out in full support for Orgeron, who was the head coach at Ole Miss from 2005-07.

Linebacker Duke Riley Tweeted a video from the locker room after the Tigers' win as shouts of "Keep Coach O!" bellowed.

Players continued showing their support for Orgeron on Twitter throughout the night and into Friday.

You get the point, a lot of players want Orgeron to stay in charge.

Reports claim that Orgeron and Herman are the final two candidates for the job. As for what happens with everyone else, rumors will continue to swirl, but only time will truly tell.