There were a plethora of highlights from the Atlanta Falcons in their 43-28 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday in at Raymond James Stadium.

But who cares about those. Everyone was talking about what happened after one of those highlights.

Ryan threw a pass to fullback Patrick DiMarco that was part of a stretch when the Falcons scored 27 unanswered points.

After scoring, DiMarco handed the ball to Ryan, and he spiked it as hard as he could. It was a little odd-- usually a lineman spikes it or the receiver will do something fun with it to earn an flag-- but it kind of made sense to let Ryan have a little fun. After all, he's having an MVP-caliber season.

Ryan laughed about it after the game and admitted he didn't think that ball was really for him.

"That's a little thing our running backs have gotten into when they score touchdowns. They give it to the offensive line to spike. I guess Pat confused me with an offensive lineman..." It's worth pointing out the whole room is chucking by this point. "...I didn't want to leave him hanging and tried to give it my best spike attempt."

DiMarco might need glasses if he confused Ryan's skinny frame with that of a lineman.

Regardless, the spike was clutch, as so was Ryan who had four touchdown passes in the game.

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