Rivalry week is over, and with Ohio State defeating Michigan in double-overtime on Saturday, the Buckeyes were able to cling onto a top four ranking in this week's Amway Coaches Poll.

Whether or not the Buckeyes will be able to hold onto a top ranking next week in the College Football Playoff Committee's rankings, despite not playing in the Big Ten championship this Saturday, is the burning question.

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Since Penn State defeated Ohio State in the regular season, the Nittany Lions will face the Wisconsin Badgers in the Big Ten championship, and the winner could make it into the playoff.

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, both in the top 10, play for the Big 12 title, but the winner could be neglected by the committee and fall short of making it to the playoff to make room for the Buckeyes, despite a conference title being a key criterion to make it into the playoff.

The PAC-12 champion could be snubbed, as well. Colorado and Washington, two top 10 teams, play for the title on Friday.

It all depends on the committee.

We've got a wild week of college football coming up.

See where the top teams stand in week's Amway Coaches Poll:

PHOTOS | Amway Coahces Poll week 14

1. Alabama (LW: 1)

2. Ohio State (LW: 2)

3. Clemson (LW: 3)

4. Washington (LW: 5)

5. Wisconsin (LW: 6)

6. Michigan (LW: 4)

7. Oklahoma (LW: 7)

8. Penn State (LW: 8)

9. Colorado (LW: 9)

10. Oklahoma State (10)

11. USC (LW: 12)

12. Florida State (LW: 14)

13. West Virginia (LW: 17)

14. Western Michigan (LW: 18)

15. Louisville (LW: 11)

16. Florida (LW: 13)

17. Stanford (LW: NR)

18. Virginia Tech (LW: NR)

19. Auburn (LW: 16)

20. Navy (LW: NR)

21. LSU (LW: NR)

22. Nebraska (LW: 15)

23. South Florida (LW: NR)

24. Utah (LW: 20)

25. Iowa (LW: NR)