COBB CO., Ga – Numerous road improvement projects near the Braves new Cobb County stadium are scheduled to end soon, but some barrels and equipment will linger beyond opening day.

The head of Cobb County’s Department of Transportation is among those who insist the impact will be minimal.

“It shouldn’t,” says Jim Wilgus. “Shouldn’t affect traffic much at all.”

James Smalls is among the commuters who has had to endure detours and lane shifts near SunTrust Park.

“I think it’s something we’re going to have to try to get used to,” said Smalls. “You just have to be patient, put good music on and ride slow.”

2017 arrived with 22 road projects in the area around SunTrust Park. Most of them have either ended, or are scheduled for completion before the Braves play their first game.

That includes new lanes along Cobb Parkway near Circle 75 that will separate Braves traffic from commuters heading home.

Work will continue on seven nearby projects.

“No concern about finishing up these projects,” said Rob Ross, a traffic engineer who has worked on the Braves transportation plan. “They’ll all be open to traffic and pedestrians.”

Representatives from the Braves and Cobb DOT say work on ongoing projects will move aside at game time. Work to replace a pipe that has closed lanes on Interstate North Circle is taking place ahead of schedule.

“They’re doing that now so it can be done, and open up the road again for the game,” said Ross.

Another ongoing project is GDOT’s construction of Express Lanes along I-75. GDOT and Cobb County are working to minimize the impact of that project on Braves traffic.