COBB COUNTY, Ga. -- A group of citizens is calling for a moratorium on any public spending related to the new Atlanta Braves stadium in Cobb County.

The group, Citizens for Governmental Transparency, hand-delivered a letter to Cobb County's Board of Commissioners that also asks for a public vote before the county borrows money to build the venue.

Last November, the Braves and Cobb County announced $300 million in taxpayer money would go toward construction costs. As 11Alive reported in March, critics are worried the actual taxpayers tab could be nearly double that when you add in maintenance and other costs.

"We've asked for transparency...asked for delays...asked for time to vet this proposal, this proposed move. We feel that we've been given the royal run around," said Richard Pellengrino.

"We've said from the beginning back in November, there are all kinds of loose ends and details that have not been filled in by the Board of Commissioners. And time has only proved us to be absolutely on the mark," Tom Barksdale.

In response, Cobb County Chairman Tim Lee said, "We have remained steadfast in our commitment to an open and transparent process. All board actions on the stadium will continue to take place in public meetings and related documents remain readily available to the public on our Web site."