ATLANTA - With just 72 hours until the Braves home opener, they are still tweaking last minute details to get you in and around the park on time. But will it all be done on time for the first pitch? 11Alive's Kaitlyn Ross held the powerful accountable.

From the beginning, the Braves have encouraged Braves-goers to use WAZE, a traffic navigation app to get in to the game. But as recently as this weekend, WAZE took people down closed streets, and couldn't find parking lots people were assigned.

The Atlanta Brave's President of Development Mike Plant said they're constantly working to fine tune the fan experience before opening day.

During the college and exhibition games over the past few weeks, they found some issues with WAZE that needed attention.

“(We went) From a dirt pasture here to building a lot of infrastructure, so some of those items are coming on late,” Plant said. “Some of the addresses for the parking lots, they still didn't have all of them in their system, now they do.

WAZE wasn't the only app that struggled to keep up with the Braves' break-neck construction pace.

“For Google, you couldn't find SunTrust unless you separated sun and trust, so we fixed that after the first game,” Plant said.

After this weekend's games, Plant worked with both companies to update closed and one-way streets, and make sure all the parking lots were appropriately flagged.

“Technology, as we all know -- your computer, your phone -- it does things we sometimes don't want it to, so we're working closely with them,” Plant said.

Aside from using WAZE, he's urging fans to think outside the box getting to home plate.

“Do not just assume that 285 and Cobb Parkway is the only way to get to all of the parking lots we have around here,” Plant said.

There are 14 different ways to get to the ballpark, and he's urging fans to check them all out to see which one works best, preferably before they leave for the game Friday night.

“You learn a lot. That's why they're dress rehearsals," Plant said. "We've done now 18 of them."

Plant said it's important to note that if you're going to the sold-out games on Friday and Saturday, buy your parking permit in advance. Ballpark staff will not be accepting cash or credit card on site. The only way to get into those lots is with a pre-purchased permit.