ATLANTA -- It was a frustrating morning for Atlanta Braves fans who tried to buy tickets for the team's first regular season games at SunTrust Park.

The team offered a special pre-sale on Thursday for tickets for the team's opening weekend series against the San Diego Padres. Unfortunately, the pre-sale code (which was made available on the team's Facebook page) didn't work due to what the team called a "Ticketmaster glitch".

By the time the situation was resolved, the tickets for opening weekend were already gone.

Many fans said they never had a chance even as they were clicking - trying to buy tickets - because they were already sold. The big resellers' computers had bought them and within seconds the resellers were already offering them online for double and sometimes triple the face-value.

As of 5 p.m. Thursday, Stubhub had more than 1,400 tickets for sale, with the cheapest going for $95 (single game tickets ranged from $10 to $143 on Ticketmaster).

In the case of the Atlanta Braves, the team apologized on Facebook and Twitter, but that didn't exactly make things right with fans.

The Braves told 11Alive more information in a statement:

"After a six minute glitch with Ticketmaster this morning, our pre-sale began and within two minutes the allotment of Opening Day tickets sold out. Fans with the pre-sale code have been purchasing tickets to other games throughout the day and our remaining Opening Day single-game tickets will be available to the general public beginning at 10 a.m. tomorrow."

The lightning fast purchase of tickets is a frequent problem whenever Ticketmaster goes online selling tickets to high-demand events.

In January, for example, when U2 tour tickets went on sale, within seconds their concerts were sold out in Dallas, Boston, Miami and Seattle. Within seconds tickets were on the resellers' sites for hundreds and thousands of dollars each.

In December, President Obama signed a bill into law that was supposed to outlaw mass purchases of tickets by computers and resellers but so far no one's been prosecuted. So it's still the loyal fan versus the bots.

Tickets for the Braves are scheduled to go on sale to the general public on Friday at 10 a.m., but it was not immediately clear by the Braves how many remaining tickets were available for Friday's sale.

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The team did say that the presale code works for other home games throughout the season. You can read more on the Braves 2017 schedule here.

Ticketmaster did not respond to our request for comment.