11Alive Sports talked with former UGA safety Tray Matthews on Wednesday about his dismissal from the football team.

Matthews was dismissed on Tuesday, just hours after he said he had an incident with a teacher.

Matthews says he was talking with another student when the professor asked him to leave the class. Matthews says he didn't leave the class. He added that he was not disrespectful to the professor.

Matthews said UGA head football coach Mark Richt told him it was just part of the reason he was being dismissed, and that it was "time for a fresh start."

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Other interesting tidbits from the conversation:

- Matthews says Alabama, Auburn, Florida and Louisville are the schools he is focusing on right now. He says they are "all over him" and that his mom is dealing with a lot of the calls.

- He says he will have a decision in July, and that he wants to get going sooner rather than later at the new school.

- Matthews can go anywhere he wants. He has no restrictions, and when asked about it, said he is thankful for the UGA Athletic Department policy and for Coach Richt allowing him to choose.

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