The new Mercedes-Benz Stadium is almost ready for fans, and if you're not already excited, here's some help.

"It's not just gonna be exciting the first time," said Jared Miller, Chief Digital Officer for Arthur M. Blank Sports and Entertainment.

Much has made of the 58-foot-tall, 1,100 ft. round halo board, but you will also find more LED ribbon boards all around the stadium to keep you posted on league scores and stadium messages.

Sharing every moment will be easier when you pull out your phone as well.

Photos | Mercedes-Benz Stadium while it was under construction

MBS has a high density wi-fi network with four times as many access points than The Dome.

The group says 71,000 people can stream at the same time.

"It's all about being able to bring technology to the consumer, to the fan, in a way that allows them to enjoy the event that they're here to see," said Miller.

The group is working with major cell phone carriers to keep you connected, with more than 4,000 miles of fiber optic cable in place that will also allow for technology growth into the future.

You'll need your phone, because parking and entry has gone digital.

"No more paper tickets," said Miller. "Our fans are gonna be able to enter either with a cell phone of an RFID lanyard that they'll be able to swipe in."

Once inside you won't have to miss any of action, even if you move from your seat. 2,500 4K resolution televisions around the stadium and restrooms will keep you tuned in. That's up from about 600 inside the dome.
You'll also find screens around concessions stands, to show prices and menu items and keep lines moving.

One of the most impressive screens you'll find will grab your attention as soon as you walk in the door, all 100 feet of it, on three sides.

"We're gonna be able to do things like 100 foot tall players and being able to see visuals of the players going through their motions," said Miller. "See some of the stats, that's a great, great landscape for us to be able to put statistics on player performance, and other things around the league that our fans want to see."

All features that will come together for a new experience unlike any other.

Fans with season tickets for the Falcons and Atlanta United got a chance to preview the new stadium Saturday. Many came away amazed by the new facility.

"It's gonna blow people away every time they come into the building," Miller said.