When the Georgia Bulldogs lost to the Florida Gators on Saturday to drop to 4-4 this season, fans weren't too happy.

Now that they've had time to get over their 'Cocktail Party' hangover, fans have had a chance to cool off.

11Alive Sports was in Athens, Ga. on Monday and decided to take a walk down Broad Street to ask fans about their thoughts on Kirby Smart, the possibility of not being bowl eligible since 1996 and just generic opinions on the team.

Senior Jonathan Hildretch said the season was a let down. He couldn't pick out just one thing that the 'Dawgs need to improve on. Instead, he said it is a "smorgasbord" of things.

Fan Rudy Ferguson said he stood up at a game last season and yelled for Mark Richt to be fired. He's glad he's gone.

Superfan Darin Brown thinks next year is the 'Dawgs year to win it all. Plus, he showed off his tattoo for us.

Watch the video above to hear what all the fans in Downtown Athens think about this season.

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