Prepare yourself. Whether you're a Cubs fan or not, baseball fan or not, these videos are going to give you the feels.

We've compiled videos of Cubs fans who have waited their entire life for their Cubbies to 'Fly the W' while lifting the Commissioner's Trophy.

This man is 81 years old and wasn't sure if he'd ever see it:

This grandfather was absolutely stunned:

This great grandfather knew the Cubs had it. "It was a piece of cake."

"How many years has it been? Boy, good thing they're not in Chicago..." Arnie has been waiting 94 years.

Get to 30 seconds in...

But of course, there were those who sadly didn't live long enough to ever see the 108-year drought end. But their families did, and were emotional knowing how happy it would have made them.

Enjoy it, Cubs fans.

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