ATLANTA -- It's coming!

Atlanta's Major League Soccer team is on the way, and local companies are now trying to score some points with the team.

From the name, to the logo, to the promotion, there are millions of dollars on the line for marketing companies in our area.

11Alive's Kaitlyn Ross dug in to who's cashing in on this deal.

Most companies want a piece of the soccer pie… but they're still trying to figure out how.

The team doesn't yet have a logo, uniforms, or even a name – so that leaves a whole lot of room for the creative process.

Most of the marketing companies I talked to didn't want to go on camera, because they didn't want to show their hand – but the President of SCORE Atlanta says they're all likely cooking up something.

"YES! We definitely want to be involved on the marketing side, and there are some really great marketing companies in Atlanta, and I'm sure every one of them is going to want to help with the MLS Team," said SCORE Atlanta President I. J. Rosenberg.

So what would a pitch of this size look like?

It's a massive undertaking that would have to draw in fans for a sport that's really failed time and time again here.

You would have to find ways to engage fans, keep them interested for the next 3 years before the first kickoff, and maybe most importantly- come up with a name!

"My suggestion for a name is terminus legion, which is basically the group of what they call pas

sionate soccer fans who were at the announcement, they were crazy," said Rosenberg.

But the Mayor says he doesn't have any idea what the team should be called yet.

"I haven't thought about that yet! I'm still recovering from getting the franchise. That was a long process, Aurthur worked on it for about 10 years, so I'm still just shaking off the fact that we have one," said Mayor Kasim Reed.

Mayor Reed anticipates this team could bring in hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue for the city – and whoever markets the team will likely get a big piece of that pie.

And they're likely going to get a sneak peek at how well they can do…. Reed says the city is already planning on hosting MORE soccer games in the coming months.

The Mexico/Nigeria game was such a hit, they want to get more games in to the city as quickly as possible.