Colin Kaepernick seemed to create a snowball effect in the world of sports, both on the professional and amateur levels, and now students have taken it upon themselves to stand up, or more like sit down, for the national anthem.

It is one of the most controversial topics in the nation and it is no longer exclusive to professional sports; student athletes are following suit.

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Some cheerleaders decided to kneel during the national anthem when KSU played against North Greenville University on September 30. The school responded by holding off letting the cheerleaders onto the field until after the national anthem was played, following the example set by the Seahawks.

Kennesaw State University said the change to keep cheerleaders off the field for pre activities was a part of ongoing gameday changes.

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In Cahokia, Illinois, a youth football team decided to take a knee during the national anthem. Comprised of mostly seven and eight-year-olds, the young athletes asked their coach about the unrest that took place in St. Louis in early September.

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The coach answered his players' questions, wanting then to understand whey they were kneeling. This prompted the kids to decide to kneel, along with their coach.

"Somebody was searching for knowledge. I absolutely felt that that was a great teaching moment," he said.


One Louisiana high school sent out a letter to parents stating any student-athlete that does not stand for the national anthem will be punished.

“Failure to comply will result in loss of playing time and/or participating as directed by the head coach and principal.”


In Texas, a coach actually kicked two players off of his team after one of them knelt during the anthem while the other raised a fist prior to the game.

According to the head coach, the players had an understanding that they were not going to protest during the anthem. The mother of one of the ex-players feels the coach's actions were excessive.


Reactions from the community and schools seem to vary between each location; some students were punished and others were not.

For now, no clear and consistent resolution seems to have taken shape for this hot topic and it is not likely the last we're hearing of it.

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