CUMBERLAND, Ga. -- The Atlanta Braves are living up to their promise that SunTrust Park won't just be a place for home baseball games.

An announcement on Friday further proved they are willing to use the stadium for just about anything, whether it's concerts or, now, football.

The Braves along with Kennesaw State announced the Owls will play a football game against Jacksonville State in 2018.

There won't be any modifications necessary to transform the hitter's park into a football field. All the Braves will need to do is remove the pitcher's mound and home plate. SunTrust Park was made for anything, and now it's living up to that vision.

"We’ve had this vision of not only creating this great, world class baseball facility here," Mike Plant said, the Braves president of development. "Creating a new legacy for Cobb County and this team, and one of the ways to do that is to go beyond just baseball.

"That vision was to do more than just play games, although never lose sight of the fact we're going to go out there and win another World Series," Plant said. "When we went into the design phase of this facility, we knew we wanted to do more than baseball games."

SunTrust has hosted college and high school baseball. It has hosted a Billy Joel concert, and Metallica will perform there in July. Plant said he believes this is just the beginning for football. But at this point, it wouldn't be surprising to see Braves officials secure other sporting events across several sports (soccer or lacrosse, maybe?) or maybe something even more creative.

But in the unofficial capital of college football, football will likely be reoccurring.

"As I said to the [KSU Athletic Director], why stop at one. I think this is something we'd like to continue on an annual basis here. That'll certainly be the objective and vision as we get this first game rolling," Plant said.

SunTrust Park and The Battery Atlanta are living up to the promises of being a year-round, mixed-use destination, competing in the battle of new Atlanta sports venues that are looking to do the exact thing.

The only difference, they're already doing it.

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