The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets squeaked by the Duke Blue Devils, winning 38-35.

The Yellow Jackets blew a 21-point lead, but quarterback Justin Thomas found Clinton Lynch through the air to score the game-winning touchdown. Thomas threw for 264 yards and two touchdowns. He ran for 195 yards and two more touchdowns.

Head coach Paul Johnson didn't have a lot to say about Thomas' performance after the game, merely shrugging when asked about if he was impressed with his senior quarterback's performance.

"He was pretty good," he said.

Finally, Johnson opened up and talked about the competitiveness of the ACC. He thought he had a good example from an earlier game in the day that would help him make his point.

"It's hard to win. It's really hard to win. I saw where Virginia beat Louisville. This league is really- there's a lot of parody in the league..."

That's when a reporter corrected Johnson. Louisville had in fact come back with a few seconds remaining in the game to beat Virginia 32-25.

"I got bad information from my SID," Johnson said, chuckling.

It's okay Mr. SID. It didn't ruin Johnson's point. Virginia was a huge underdog, but made it an incredibly competitive conference game.

As for Thomas, he had a record day, sort of.

That stat line came from the ACC. Wonder who took the time to figure all that out. Regardless, it was a good day for Thomas.

The Jackets go on the road to face North Carolina and then Virginia Tech before returning to Bobby Dodd Stadium to face Virginia.

Hey, didn't they beat Louisville?

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