The 2017 All-Star Game is creeping up, and voting is ramping up.

There are three Braves near the top of voting for their positions to make up the National League roster, according to MLB's latest updates.

Despite sitting out with a broken wrist, Freddie Freeman is sitting in fourth in voting for first base with 637,030 votes. Brandon Phillips, who has led the Braves to back-to-back wins thanks to walk-off singles, is also in fourth amongst second basemen with 250,150 votes.

Outfielder Matt Kemp has slipped in the voting. He is now in sixth with 835,324 votes. He was in fifth, but Miami Marlins' Micell Ozuna moved ahead of him.

Phillips is a three-time All-Star. His last All-Star nod was in 2013. He joined the Braves this season after 11 seasons with the Reds. He is batting .306 this season, which is on track for the best average of his career. He has four home runs and 23 RBIs.

Freeman was on track for an MVP-calbier season until he was hit by a pitch that broke his wrist in May. He isn't expected to return until after the All-Star break, but voters are still rewarding him for the best start of his career. He averaged .341 with 14 home runs, which was tied for the most in the league at the time. He is a two-time All-Star, and would have been a prime candidate for the Home Run Derby this year.

Freeman and Kemp were a scary tandem for pitchers before Freeman's injury. The outfielder is hitting .326 with 11 home runs and 32 RBIs. He is a two-time All-Star.

Voting for the All-Star game at Marlins Park ends June 29. The game is July 11.

Here are the latest results:

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