With a new team comes new traditions.

Atlanta United FC plays their inaugural game on Sunday at Bobby Dodd Stadium. One of the events prior to the game will be the march and hammering of the Golden Spike.

The team is beginning the tradition to honor Atlanta's history as a railroad town. The Golden Spike is historically a ceremonial final spike put into a railroad track after has been laid.

When Atlanta's first railroad was completed in the 1830s, it helped the city begin to transform into one of the capitols of the southeast.

In a video released by the team, it said this Golden Spike signifies "the berth of a movement, a new home unifying culture and generations."

Players and fans will arrive at the American Family Insurance Fan Village to sign the Golden Spoke 90 minutes before the match. Then, 45 minutes later, team supporters will march to the stadium carrying the spike.

The spike will then be hammered into a railroad platform in front of the Supporters Section during chants of "A-T-L."

Following the match, the spike will be hammered in by a player voted on by the fans.

It's just one of many traditions that will begin to form as Atlanta United FC settles in as the city's newest professional sports team.