SAN FRANCISCO - A link making the rounds says it will change the color of Facebook profiles from the default blue.

It won't. It's a scam that allows hackers to gain access to the user's profile and spam their friends.

The latest version of the Facebook color change scam has been dubbed the "Facebook Color Changer."


It takes users to a malicious phishing site that asks them to watch a tutorial video, says Hugh Thompson, a security expert with the computer security company Blue Coat in Sunnyvale, Calif.

When users click the video link, they allow the site to implant viruses and malicious code (malware) on their computers.

If the user doesn't view the video, the site instead attempts to download a pornography video player if they're on a PC, according to Cheetah Mobile Security, which reported the scam in a blog post.

Users on Android devices get a warning that their device is infected with a virus and advising them to download an app, which is of course also malware, to clean it, Cheetah said.

The scam has hit over 10,000 people worldwide, according to the blog.

Similar scams, perpetrated by other hackers, have been making the rounds for year.

Security experts advise users to immediately change their password and then delete the app by going to Facebook settings if they've fallen victim to this scam.