VILLA RICA, Ga. -- Georgia Department of Transportation has confirmed a car hit several people and killed one construction worker on Interstate 20 going westbound at exit 24 in Villa Rica. 

At 3:10 a.m. Friday, a Honda Civic was traveling westbound and drove onto the north emergency lane and struck a road crew (total of 4) that were working between the interstate and the exit ramp for GA 61 (exit 24).

A Georgia State Patrol spokesperson said the driver of the car was impaired and both the driver and one worker were airlifted to a local hospital.  Investigators are still confirming the condition of the driver at the time of the crash. Those surviving workers are now in stable condition. 

Another worker was taken to Tanner Villa Rica and has since been discharged. 

The worker who was airlifted was pronounced dead at the scene. All construction workers were GDOT subcontractors working for a company based in Florida called Olympus Painting. 

Police are not yet releasing identities of those involved.