SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. -- One of the major roads for getting into and out of Cobb County was blocked by a precariously perched tree on Tuesday - a remnant of Irma's impact on the region the previous day.

Now, authorities are working to get a portion of Johnson Ferry reopened along with several others roads. And whether or not the situation is improving depends on where you are heading.

A tree snagged in a power line along the major artery has been wreaking havoc with northbound traffic, though motorists heading into Fulton from Cobb aren't particularly impacted.

It's one of 46 blocked roads that greeted Sandy Springs residents when they woke up on Tuesday. Some of those were in heavily wooded areas like Riverside where a single tree caused a chain reaction snapping seven poles.

With the power still out, one mom took her three girls to grab some lunch. But she's not quite sure what they'll do next.

"Probably some more hide and seek in the dark," she said. "I don't know. I have no idea."

Police know drivers won't be able to hide from the traffic jams along Riverside Drive on Wednesday. It's not just one road block, either. A quick look at Waze shows several. It's a heavily traveled road but it's not the only one causing headaches.

Sandy Springs started the day with so many road blocks that they ran out of barricades.

"We were using a lot of caution tape," one official said. "A lot of vehicles, a lot of manpower - man hours over 24 hours."

Amid all of this, those ignoring signs and turning around in the streets aren't making matters any better for themselves or anyone else - especially the ones that get caught and ticketed.

Dexter Washington said he had seen drivers do all kinds of things to get around the barricades when they think no one is looking. But he said it's really not worth the risk.

"Live wires, yes, wires just hanging down," he said.

Police are hoping the public will utilize the Waze app which is updated regularly with road closures and openings.

And while the warning is going out to motorists to beware of delays, there's also another major issue that officials are trying to prepare residents for - more outages.

Some of them will be intentional, however, as crews cut power so that they can safely work to remove trees and repair the downed lines.

So if you're out on an errand, a street light that worked when you started your trip may not work when you return.