Drivers in Atlanta are trying to navigate the city in light of the Interstate collapse, but they now could be facing some extra challenges in the form of new "No Thru Traffic" signs erected in some neighborhoods.

An 11Alive viewer alerted us to one sign while trying to get around on Atlanta's surface streets. The sign, which reads specifically "NO THRU TRAFFIC DURING I-85 CLOSURE," is at East Sussex and Rock Springs in NE Atlanta.

11Alive reached out to the City of Atlanta about the new signage. A spokesperson from the mayor's office told us in a statement the city put up signs to take action "to protect residential streets and neighborhoods which are not designed to accommodate heavy traffic."

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Some of the major detours running parallel to the I-85 collapse have seen significantly more cars, and businesses along those routes have reported seeing their profits suffering. And now that most metro Atlanta schools are back from spring break, those back-ups are expected to get worse.

The spokesperson for the city said the signs are just one measure to reduce non-local traffic on those residential streets and preserve "access for our first responders and to hospitals." The city said it has engineers on hand who will make real-time adjustments to traffic signals to keep increased traffic moving on major streets, which they said should alleviate the need to take the smaller side streets.

11Alive reached out to the Atlanta Police Department on whether the signs are a "suggestion" or if disregarding the sign would be a traffic violation. However, they directed 11Alive to the city's Public Work's Streets and Highways Division.

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