ATLANTA, Ga -- We're all very familiar with the headaches from Atlanta traffic, but that's expected to get even worse as we all deal with the fallout from the I-85 fire and bridge collapse you can already see a lot of traffic building up on Lindbergh Drive.

We've been seeing it all along Cheshire Bridge Road as well as people find that a very popular alternate route, so a big suggestion from drivers out there Saturday is to be patient.

Honking horns on Cheshire Bridge Road came as no surprise to Pat Ferguson, but the volume of cars did.
She and others in the area have already noticed the uptick in traffic as people navigate their way around the shut-down lanes of I-85.

"It’s very busy,” she said. “A lot of traffic, more so than normal."

Ben Rogers left home early to try and avoid the worst.

"You can get around, but it's going to be difficult,” he said. “It's going to be slow and congested."

One woman said, “I walked faster from Adina Road than the traffic. Absolutely insane."

Those who live or work close to the bridge collapse can expect some visitors in the area cutting through and hoping to shave some time off their commutes.

State officials asking everyone to take this weekend to plan those alternate routes, plan a backup to those alternate routes, to build in some extra time for that commute and leave as early as you can, and a good idea to remember we're all in this together and keep it friendly out there on the roads.