ATLANTA, Ga -- Demolition crews are hard at work cleaning up the scene that the collapsed bridge left behind. 

What comes along with all that work?

Backhoes, trucks and sledge hammers shoveling, rolling and pounding away, respectively. Each piece of machinery and tool sends sound echoing and reverberating throughout the surrounding area and into at least one man’s home. 

“Dude, at moments, it can get a little intense,” said Corey Jackson. 

Jackson lives at Optimist Lofts. The complex sits next door to the demolition site.

In a way, he’s lucky. His unit is around back, somewhat shielded from the noise, but not completely.

Jackson can hear the jackhammer, trucks and other commotion. On the whole, however, the noise level has not been too bad and the evenings have been pretty quiet, according to Jackson. It’s the midafternoon jack hammering that gets to him.

When asked if it was like having a bad hangover, he said, “Actually, yeah.” 

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