It's like everyone's favorite holidays came early. One lane on the Buford Springs Connector southbound has opened. Yay!

Now, this may seem like nothing but trust us, it's going to be a big deal. 

The one-mile stretch between Sidney Marcus and Piedmont will have ONE lane open to help alleviate the traffic that has been funneling onto Piedmont and Cheshire Bridge.

Traveling I-85 S, drivers can stay left and take the Buford Spring Connector instead of getting off early at Cheshire Bridge.

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This is huge news for morning commuters and it's a wonderful gift from GDOT before all of the vacationers come back from their spring breaks.

Cheshire Bridge and Piedmont was experiencing almost two to three times the amount of volume in traffic since the bridge collapse but now that this ONE LANE is open on the Buford Springs Connector going southbound, it can definitely help alleviate that.

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The purpose for this one lane is mostly for local use so commuters can get to Midtown.

A reminder to drivers, this is going to be a very narrow lane traveling right next to the construction zone so please be wary and drive slowly and be thankful for this wonderful gift that we have received. 

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