Piedmont has opened one lane going northbound and all of southbound is wide open all the way to Buford Springs; thank goodness.

It's great news for local traffic and should hopefully alleviate some of the jams that we've been seeing during the morning and afternoon commutes. 

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According 11Alive Traffic Tracker Crash Clark, opening up Piedmont is very important for traffic moving downtown because it's one of the "biggest arteries running from Midtown to downtown Atlanta."

"It's like putting a stent in your coronary artery and now you can run a marathon," Crash said. 

We were all feeling the pain of the backups and frustration of how much time we were spending on the interstates, but now, we can finally have some brief relief.

You can get a good look at the work being done around the bridge from Piedmont, but we all ask you, please try not to rubberneck. If you want a look at the historic collapse and reconstruction, check out these 11Alive galleries: 

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Our Commuter Dude, Jerry Carnes, was able to drive down Piedmont effortlessly and says to "watch for heavy equipment" as you make your way towards downtown. 

According to GDOT, this route is best taken for local purposes only. There will, of course, still be backups and delays but Piedmont opening up should help lighten the load of commuters making their way to downtown. 

Piedmont to Peachtree is one of the best and direct ways to make it to downtown Atlanta, so commuters, be thankful for this one small gift.