Happy Friday Eve everyone. You all made it through almost a whole week since the I-85 bridge collapse last Thursday; good job!

Watch Atlanta Alive for updates throughout the morning.

Now, like we promised, we will keep updating you on any changes to road openings and closures so here it is:


  • ONE LANE HAS OPENED on the Buford Springs Connector SB. The construction team working on the bridge collapse are putting up a concrete wall and a fence to separate Buford Springs from the reconstruction. This is crucial to those who are traveling southbound on Buford Springs because it would help take traffic off of Piedmont and Cheshire Bridge

Continued list of road closures and openings: 

  • The ramp going from 75 southbound to the ramp onto I-85 northbound is now open
  • Piedmont going northbound has one lane open and southbound is open all the way to Buford Springs
  • Buford Springs northbound is open
  • I-85 northbound is open but ONLY going to Buford Highway
  • I-85 is closed from I-75/Brookwood split to the North Druid Hills exit
  • Motorists traveling northbound on I-85 from the south side of Atlanta will be diverted to northbound I-75 at Brookwood near 17th Street
  • Motorists traveling on I-85 north of Atlanta will be diverted to northbound on SR400
  • Motorists traveling southbound on SR400 from north Atlanta will be diverted at Sidney Marcus exit
  • You can't enter I-85 after Spaghetti Junction. All entrance ramps to I-85 SB between Chamblee Tucker and North Druid  Hills are closed
  • The intersection at Lambert Drive and Manchester is closed

We will continue to update you as we patiently wait for the reconstruction of this bridge. Emphasize on the word "patiently". Please drive safely and please, please do NOT rubberneck. 

If you really need to see the bridge reconstruction, please view our gallery here:

PHOTOS | 85 bridge reconstruction

PHOTOS | Fire burning under Atlanta Interstate