ATLANTA -- Passengers on a MARTA train are being evacuated after a fire broke out on the train near a Midtown station, Thursday afternoon.

According to the Atlanta Fire Department, the fire was burning inside the train as it approached the North Avenue station. Sgt. Cortez Stafford told 11Alive the train was in a tunnel near the stop and was being evacuated. No injuries were reported at this time.

According to Astin Green with the Atlanta Police Department, the fire began on the third rail -- the electrified rail -- on the southbound line coming into the station.

MARTA tweeted that Gold and Red line service is being delayed because of the "emergency situation."

The transit authority said a bus bridge is in effect to transport riders between Peachtree Center, Civic Center, North Avenue, Midtown and Arts Center. Southbound service resumes at Peachtree Center and northbound service resumes at Arts Center.

Authorities said they expect service to resume normal operations "within a few hours."

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