ATLANTA -- Real-time statistics show several flights were canceled on Tuesday with many others at least delayed. Exhausted travelers, however, are just ready to get home.

It's an unusual story that's not so unusual right now: One cancellation, another delay, four small children and an unplanned stop in New Orleans.

"On Sunday, we found out our flight was canceled so we were rebooked to go out today and then we just found out our flight was delayed," Nichole Mason.

Mason and her family visited Atlanta from Las Vegas. But unlike the saying, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," they had no plans to stay in Atlanta.

"They haven't told us anything, Mason said. They've canceled other flights for the same airline today. So they've kind of been canceling them as the day's been going on."

Amid the calm backdrop of music filling the airport atrium, another storm is brewing for passengers like Mason - an internal one caused by frustration from canceled flights and delays. The airport said it is aggressively trying to get those passengers home.

"The cancellations yesterday occurred because of the storm people coming in and trying to transfer from here to their flight to Vegas, Seattle or Boston," Hartsfield-Jackson Airport spokesperson Andrew Gobeil said. "So, today and tomorrow and the next few days, we're trying to make up for it."

"That's what they say, but that's what they said here yesterday, too," Leon Love of Chicago said.

He's been stranded for 2 days.

"Exhausted, exhausted, exhausted," Love said. "Tired and ready to get home."

On the bright side, Mason said the airport has power. The power went out where she and her family were staying.

"Everything was dead," she said. "So we're just winging it and hoping for the best."

The airport also passed out hospitality bags to passengers and some even got hotel vouchers.