SAVANNAH, Ga. -- A man is safely back on land after the U.S. Coast Guard had to rescue him by helicopter Friday night.

An official with the Coast Guard said they received a report shortly after 11:30 p.m. that a man was stranded aboard his sailboat in the Bull River near Tybee Island in Georgia.

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The man was anchored in the river and Coast Guard rescuers were initially unable to rescue the man because of the severe weather from Hurricane Matthew. Officials said he wasn't experiencing an emergency and they were able to stay in touch with the man overnight.

Rescue crews performed a helicopter rescue during a Saturday morning flyover of the area around 9:30.

The man was taken to Hunter Army Air Field in Savannah, where he is waiting to be reunited with family.

Hurricane Matthew officially made landfall in South Carolina on Saturday morning as a Category 1 storm. On Friday and overnight Saturday, it battered much of the Florida and Georgia coasts. It's expected to continue to dump heavy rains in the Carolinas for much of the day Saturday.

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