The 11Alive StormTrackers are tracking yet another major hurricane.

Hurricane Irma is way out in the Atlantic and it's no threat to land anytime soon. It will have plenty of time to travel over the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It will also have plenty of time to get stronger.

It was a tropical storm early Thursday morning. It was quickly upgraded to a hurricane. The first advisory already had the storm as a Category 2. Thursday afternoon, it was upgraded to a Category 3 storm with winds of 115 mph.

It is expected to become a Category 4 storm late in the weekend and early next week. Since it is so far out, we don't have to worry about any landfall until next week. It will be approaching the Lesser Antilles by Tuesday. We know the track and intensity forecast is subject to change over the next few days.

We continue to watch trends with all of the models with this storm. Right now, it is too early to predict if and when it would have any impact on the United States. The 11Alive StormTrackers will continue to update the track as it moves to the west.