Here’s the story of a man who is a true survivor, in every sense of the world.

Ted McDaniel will be quick to tell you his blindness has not held him back in life. He’s a fighter, despite how many trees fall into his home or how many other obstacles he faces.

McDaniel had just finished repairing his Peachtree Hills home from a fallen tree when Tropical Storm Irma arrived.

“I was just sitting there and boom. I just heard it and I heard stuff falling,” McDaniel said.

He now wants to remove all large trees near his home, no longer wanting to push his luck.

“I guess it is bad luck but we do grow from things that happen to us,” he said. “And that’s what life is all about.”

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These latest challenges are just a small example of all the struggles he survived: two open heart surgeries, a stroke, and losing his vision 23 years ago.

But he’s a survivor, and a tree will not steal his optimism. He points to the damage, remembering where everything is. “There’s a light up there,” he said. “My desk is over here in the far right-hand corner.”

As he waits for an insurance quote, he’s just thankful to be alive.

“It feels really good to be alive,” McDaniel said. “And I’m just enjoying every day. And I’m not going to let this upset me.”

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