The boat owners 11Alive's Matt Pearl spoke with on Lake Lanier's marinas said they hadn't seen this kind of damage in a long time, if ever.

Docks were broken; boats were damaged and, in two cases, sunk.

On Holiday Marina, this is footage from Monday, caught by a resident who saw a boat sinking as the storm drove giant waves around many of the docks and boats.

That boat is said to belong to a woman named Elle.

A GoFundMe page in her name has already raised thousands, saying Elle lived aboard the houseboat.

Photos of Tropical Storm Irma damage from Lake Lanier

"That's the houseboat that sank," said Becky Whiteside.

On Aqualand Marina, a boat called the Dixie Lily was submerged halfway. Whiteside was out on the marina on Tuesday and sent us a video.

"There's just so much water, and when the waves are coming and washing over the back of it," she said. "Your heart just breaks for these people."

We also received photos like this, showing an Aqualand dock buckled, boats pinched into each other and holding up the docks -- for now.

Photos of Tropical Storm Irma damage from Lake Lanier

Whiteside said she saw boat owners walking around in simple disbelief.

"Nobody deserves to lose their boat; their home -- anything," she said. "Thankfully, we did not have any lives lost, so, Godspeed and prayers for repairs."

The Army Corps of Engineers owns the land. They were out checking it on Tuesday -- and they plan to issue a full report on Wednesday.

PHOTOS | Tropical Storm Irma damage on Lake Lanier