Hurricane Irma is barreling towards Georgia, which means flight cancellations.

As of early morning on Monday, September 11, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has reported 627 cancellations.

A number of those flights were either coming in from Florida or going out to any impacted, coastal areas such as Savannah and Palm Beach, Florida.

Southwest Airlines announced Monday morning that all flights to and from Atlanta will be canceled after 1 pm Monday. The carrier plans a normal schedule of operations on Tuesday.

Delta Air Lines has reported at least 320 flight cancellations for Monday with more possible.

In addition, Amtrak says they are canceling service in both directions on the Silver Star and Silver Meteor between New York and Miami on Sept. 11 - 13; the Auto Train in both directions between Lorton, Va., and Sanford, Fla., on Sept. 11 - 13; and the Palmetto in both directions between New York and Savannah on Sept. 11 - 13.

Each of those trains passes through coastal Georgia. None of the carrier's other Georgia service is affected. Passengers are asked to contact Amtrak at 800-USA-RAIL for more information.

VIDEO | Miami Airport damages from Irma

As Irma makes its way closer to Georgia, we will start to see more and more delays and cancellations.

Some airlines are capping their prices ahead of Irma, as well as accommodating re-booking flights and waiving cancellation fees.

Keep updated with your airline as well as with us.