ATLANTA -- A metro Atlanta family is directly in the path of Hurricane Irma as it stares down the Leeward Islands.

Isabel Moran and her family have been communicating with 11Alive throughout Tuesday through text and Skype.

They are doing OK, riding out the storm. The family is from Alpharetta.

They are all there for Moran’s first week at veterinarian school, her white coat ceremony.

That is on hold for now, they are instead in the direct path of Hurricane Irma on Saint Kits in the Leeward Islands.

They sent 11Alive video Tuesday afternoon showing what it appeared to be a very nice day. Moran said the locals who are typically calm have been getting more and more concerned.

People were boarding up houses, looking for higher ground, hoping for the best.

“They’re starting to get nervous and worried and that’s when even I got a little bit nervous and worried because it’s just unknown,” said Isabel Moran.

Tuesday evening, with Irma about 100 miles off their coast, Moran and her mother’s boyfriend sent 11Alive new video.

He described the conditions which were windy, waves crashing, and dark clouds were off in the distance.

“Since it’s just been getting darker, the waves - the ocean is angry," Moran said. "I’m on the Atlantic side which is typically rougher of course anyway than the Caribbean side which is just right over there.”

The family is at the Marriott on Saint Kits. They’re expecting the storm to hit hard overnight, in the early morning hours of Wednesday.