There is disturbing video circulating on social media and in neighborhood groups warning of post-Irma looting across parts of metro Atlanta.

The video shows alleged suspects "in the act" at a Smyrna townhouse complex.

11Alive's La'Tasha Givens has been working to chase down the rumor.

The video was posted several days ago -- it has thousands of shares and comments online, and if you read the post, you can tell people are concerned about being a victim.

You asked us to take a closer look at the video.

In the home surveillance video, you can see a silver Mercedes parked in front of a home; then moments later, two men wearing hoodies are seen coming out of a garage carrying a toolbox and possibly another small item or two. Then, they pull off in the car.

This is what we have been able to verify:

The Mercedes was stolen from Smyrna. Police say the keys were left in the cupholder. They say the garage was left open.

Cobb Police say these were burglaries based on opportunity -- not looting due to the storm.

They say the incidents happened around 3:15 pm on Monday -- before the storm struck the area. Cobb Police say they have three reports of entering autos, and one report of a garage burglary. They believe it is the work of an established burglary ring.

We also checked with Smyrna and DeKalb Police after concerns of looting were expressed in those areas, and both departments say they have not had any complaints about looting.

We can verify that rumors about storm-related looting in the metro area are NOT TRUE.

In addition, we checked with Smyrna and DeKalb Police about the concerns of looting, and both departments said they have not had any complaints about looting.

Have you seen any post-Irma rumors you want us to verify?

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