Atlanta-based production trio finds groove with music videos

ATLANTA -- The music industry is constantly changing, and a trio of innovative directors from Atlanta is keeping music production costs down without sacrificing the quality.

A red classic model car sits in an empty parking lot, while Diwang Valdez asks his friend to take a step to the right - where he will look best in the camera's shot.

"Motion Family" is the trio's name. Together, the young Atlanta-based filmmakers have become renowned for their innovative approach to hip hop videos.

"With the music industry changing, and budgets continually dropping, technology has played a big part in our success," a member of Motion Family said.

In the age of viral videos and self-taught videographers, it was a chance taken on a purchase that helped the trio build a niche.

"Diwang bought the DSLR camera for photography," Motion Family's David KA said. "We were reading online that it had cool video so we tested it and we were like 'whoa, this is insane, you know' with the crisp, the color, the low light."

"The fact that you can just use your phone and kind of self-edit while you're shooting," Valdez said as he described what he does when filming a music video.

Motion Family helped out with the latest video music shoot from rap superstar Ludacris. The trio listened to him when they were growing up.

Now, Ludacris is a fan of theirs and says he backs their music, creativity and passion.


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