Georgia's Travis Pratt shocks America's Got Talent with opera, proposal

Travis Pratt for AGT

LAS VEGAS --No matter how evolved we'd like to believe we are, we have preconceived ideas of one another.Take for instance, Travis Pratt, a 32 year old man from Tifton, Georgia.

When his hulking frame walked across the stage on America's Got Talent, it's a safe bet that the 12 million people tuned in, had no idea this was what he was going to do.The response was overwhelming - from the audience - and the judges.

Pratt, who now lives in Houston, says a tape his mother bought for him at a Tifton yard sale when he was a young boy changed his life.

"I'm just a regular country boy from Tifton, Georgia who doesn't like to wear shoes but at the same time I'm a huge lover of opera and I can give you the rundown," Pratt said.

Pratt chose choir over football, studied music at the University of Michigan, and had no intention of going on the show. His girlfriend Elvira drove him to the audition without telling him where they were going.

He proposed to her on stage after his performance. He says he was more nervous for that than singing in front of America.

"To be honest I was preoccupied with the proposal," Pratt said.

Pratt cannot tell us if he gets to move forward on the show. Regardless, he's moving forward with his opera dream -- now closer to becoming a reality.

"The dream is to be on stage at the met and have an international career as an opera singer," Pratt said.


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