Nintendo releases MarioKart 8 on Wii U

(WXIA) -- Mario and the gang are back on the track and better than ever in the newly released MarioKart 8.

To start things off, there are 16 different drivers to choose from. Everyone from Mario to Donkey Kong to Bowser is available. There are also 14 characters you can unlock after completing certain levels in the game.

Nine characters will be making their debut in this installment of the MarioKart franchise, most notably the Koopalings.

On the track, there are eight cups to race on: the Mushroom Cup, the Flower Cup, the Star Cup, the Special Cup, the Shell Cup, the Leaf Cup, the Lightning Cup and the Banana Cup. Each cup has four different courses.

For those not in the mood to race their opponents, eight different Battle Stages will offer a different form of competition.

It would not be a MarioKart game without drivers having a plethora of weapons. Whether it is a red turtle shell or a star, drivers will have multiple options when it comes to knocking an opponent out of the way.

As for the vehicles themselves, gamers can choose from karts, bikes and ATVs. The game will also allow drivers to defy gravity on certain courses, thanks to the new anti-gravity feature.

MarioKart 8 was released on May 30 for Wii U.


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