Executive Profiles Week of September 4

Kabbage Incorporated Co-Founder Kathryn Petralia connects the dots to her long career in technology.

Much has been written lamenting the dearth of women in technology and it’s sparking a movement to address the issue on the corporate and educational fronts.

According the research from the website Higher Education, women earn 57 percent of bachelor’s degrees, but only 12 percent of computer science degrees go to women.  A troubling statistic considering the surge in technology and computer science jobs expected over the next four years.

Companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook have announced initiatives to diversify their talent pools with an eye on increasing female tech talent.  There also exist several STEM programs that target middle and high-school girls in the hopes of generating interest in tech related fields.

Kathryn Petralia is an advocate of the latter.  She credits early exposure to computers as the catalyst for her interest in technology.  

Kathryn is the co-founder and head of operations for Kabbage Inc.; a certified tech unicorn company that provides online alternative lending for small businesses.  The company has found success in an area often overlooked by traditional banking institutions.  And for Kathyrn, technology has turned out not only to be the great disruptor, but also the great equalizer. 


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