The Elevator Pitch: BeeTold

September 18, 2016

Company: BeeTold

Founder: Bryan Kujawski, @bryankuj




What's the story behind BeeTold? 

I created BeeTold so that anyone can more likely get honest, useful feedback when they have important questions.   When people know they’re getting truly honest feedback, they’re more likely to collaborate and ask more questions.   As thoughtful human beings, we tend to carefully ‘filter’ our responses to questions ensuring we’re polite and that we ‘say the right thing’.  However, this desire to be polite with one-another stops us from being 100% honest – and as a result the feedback is not accurate and therefore, not useful.   With BeeTold, this all changes.


Does BeeTold cater to any specific audiences?

While BeeTold is built to support multiple types of users, we feel that business users who have to make important decisions quickly will be our best users.  Businesses encourage collaboration and BeeTold facilitates this gathering of feedback from multiple stakeholders easily and efficiently.  In this manner, people in the workplace can speculate less and, instead, base decisions on actual feedback (from customers, co-workers, management, etc.).


What gave you the idea to start BeeTold? 
I conceived the idea for BeeTold after years of witnessing people ‘saying the right thing’ even when it’s entirely untrue.  Let’s face it, we’re all good at being polite and smiling to avoid embarrassment, being disruptive or offensive.  But, this tendency wastes a lot of time, especially in the workplace.  I believe that if you ask a question to somebody, you deserve to “BeeTold the truth”.

How does BeeTold work? 
BeeTold is a free App that allows users to quickly create questions and send them to groups of recipients using their phone’s contacts.  Question recipients review and respond to the questions using any web browser and never the App.  And, importantly, recipients respond 100% anonymously which encourages them to speak freely and honestly.  The app records all responses in a structured format and helps you make better decisions – in the workplace or socially.  

What is your current traction and how are your attracting users?
BeeTold has acquired hundreds of users in our early launch and we are pending marketing and PR to continue to grow.  Additionally, users of the App, whether they realize it or not, are actually marketing the app.  When a user sends a question to groups of friends or colleagues, in the process of reviewing and responding, they discover the app and often download it.   Additionally, we use various social media channels to market and promote the app.

Who is your competition in this market? 
Larger survey / polling platforms like Survey Monkey and Google Forms can certainly be considered competitors, but there are few single anonymous question tools available (especially those that are free).

How are you different? 
BeeTold is unique because of its simplicity and anonymity features.  We’ve taken the ‘project’ out of asking questions and added anonymity to ensure more honest feedback.  When people speak behind a ‘curtain’ they usually say what they truly feel.  Instead of calling a meeting or sending an email cc’d to 10 people, use BeeTold to quickly pulse a group of people and track responses in real time.   Additionally, with BeeTold, you’ll be more confident that the feedback you’re receiving is honest.

Who are your founders and what is their background? 
BeeTold’s one founder is Bryan Kujawski, a long-time Atlanta entrepreneur, business builder and investor.   After earning his BBA and MBA from Emory University, Bryan has co-founded and operated a handful of Atlanta businesses, most notably, 360i and ShopVisible.  Both companies have subsequently been acquired and are currently prospering as divisions are much larger organizations.  Since his exits, Bryan now focuses on a number of private investments, unique projects like BeeTold, building a family and creating as many positive memories as possible.

Are you involved with any local accelerators? 
The company is not specifically involved with any accelerators, but Bryan Kujawski, the founder, is a mentor to Tech Stars at Ponce City Market.

How are you funded? 
BeeTold is financed via a seed round of capital from 5 investors, including the founder. 

What's your revenue model? 
BeeTold hopes to add revenue features to the application when / if the application gains more business users.  We have a suite of pending for-fee features, including ‘white labeling’, better reporting and other tools that we hope to incorporate when justified.

What's the next step for your company?
The first step is building a sufficient initial user base and listening to market feedback to enhance and refine the App.  Then, if justified, we will augment the App for “power” users with custom features. 



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