Turn your home into a movie location for big bucks

ATLANTA-- "This home is beautiful. It has wide open spaces."

Taryn Chilivis Bowman isn't trying to sell a home. She's trying to get it on the big screen. "You've got a great kitchen that's open and the crew can be back here, cameras can be back here."

She just launched a new company called "Cast My Home" building on her 28 years in the TV and film business. Bowman is building a database of camera-ready homes for the booming motion picture industry in Georgia, and she's looking for more homes to add to the list.

"If you think of like a talent agency, it's basically the same thing, except with homeowners," she told 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie.

Courtney Walker is one of her first clients: "I would love to get paid to show off my house, who wouldn't?"

"I've had neighbors tell me they've had several things shot in their homes, and it paid off their tax bill for the year, and that's why they do it," she said.

There's no fee to list your house. And if it gets picked, Cast My Home negotiates the contract.

"Even a lower budget movie that shoots in your house could pay your mortgage for the month, so it's a very lucrative business," Bowman said.

But who can cash in? Which homes make the cut?

Taryn says production companies want homes that are open, clutter-free, and close to an area that can be used as a base camp for the crew, like a church parking lot.

She has location agents who represent the homeowner every step of the way. You can also list your home in with the Georgia Film Commission. They recommend many of the same requirements.

Cast My Home is designed to take the mystique out of movie-making to help more homeowners land a staring role.

Cast My Home often posts specific movie requests on Facebook. LIKE their page to stay up to date on possibilities.

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