Watch J.Lo and Jimmy Fallon face off in their 'Tight Pants'

J.Lo showed Jimmy Fallon who's the boss in tight pants on Monday's Tonight Show. We're not surprised — the girl can rock a pair of butt-huggers.

In the musical showdown, Fallon comes out singing, "I'm the only one who's got my tight pants, I've got my tight pants, I've got my tight pants on." Lopez shimmies by Fallon in her tight pants, singing about her claim to tight-pants fame, which sparks the duo's verbal sparring.

She gets in his face, saying, "Listen up, you little (expletive). You better hide your wife, you better hide your kids, because I will cut you! I will cut your father, I will cut your mother, I will scratch you. Don't make me take off my heels."

Throwing it back to her fun side, Lopez tells Fallon, "What I'm trying to say is, get lost, applesauce. I'm the only one who can wear tight pants in this town. You feel me? Don't rattle the cage. We coolo, papi chulo?"

Sulking away, Fallon responds, "I gotcha, hot Sriracha. I guess I'll find yet another new town."

And this isn't Fallon's first defeat. Back in 2012, Will Ferrell won the tight pants smackdown in the same skit.


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