Boy vs. Butterfly

(WXIA) -- Gunnar's dad wanted to teach his kids about metamorphosis. Wesley Thompson and his two children watched in fascination as the caterpillar spun a chrysalis, then emerged as a butterfly.

Wesley and the kids gathered on the the big day: their project was ready to take flight.

"Remember not to touch its wings," Wesley reminded the clearly excited Gunnar. "He wants to fly, but he can't fly up the sides of the cage."

Wesley reached into the cage and grabs the stick the butterfly is using as a resting spot. As soon as the butterfly reaches the top of the cage, it takes flight and lands on the nearest object: Gunnar's nose.

Despite the surprise, his dad's "don't touch" warning must have stuck with him. He holds his hands rigidly at his sides, squealing with delight. "Go! Go!," he screams.

When the butterfly does finally take flight, he waves goodbye, then says, "He fluffed my forehead!"

The video was uploaded to YouTube on multiple sites and quickly went viral.

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