Father gifting son with longer life

TROY, Missouri (KSDK) – Even before he was born, Kyle Morrison, 4, had to fight for his life.

During a prenatal ultrasound, doctors discovered one of Kyle's kidneys was enlarged and the other was not growing. Doctors told Loren Morrison that her baby's kidney function had been hampered, and there was growing concern of whether he would survive.

Kyle was born at nearly 37 weeks, with posterior urethral valve, which is extra tissue growth in the urethra found in only male newborns. Doctors took him into surgery to construct an opening for him to pass urine through his body immediately after he was born.

As Kyle entered the world, his father Shane was serving his country in Iraq and fighting to return to his family. He would not return home and meet his son until he was 6 weeks old.

Since then, Kyle has had monthly doctor visits, blood draws and scans to monitor kidney function. But a few months ago, Kyle's kidneys began to deteriorate and the need for a transplant became more immediate.

He was placed onto a transplant list, but he didn't have to wait long. Doctors found that his dad would be a perfect donor.

"I'm doing it because he's my son, and I want to keep him as healthy as possible," he said.

Shane said he's thrilled about donating his kidney to Kyle, but he would do it for any of his three children.

According to the National Kidney Foundation, of the more than 14,000 transplants that occurred in 2013, more than 4,700 came from living donor. In addition, 389 were from a parent to child.

Loren Morrison said that with a live donor, Kyle's life span increases to another 20-25 years.

For Father's Day, the family plans to enjoy the day with some camping and fishing at Mark Twain Lake, where Kyle will continue to have to take it easy and family will keep a close eye on him.

The Morrison family is most excited for Kyle to have a more normal life. (Photo: Loren Morrison)FullscreenNext Slide

But the family looks forward to a healthier future, where there will be fewer doctor appointments and more energy.

"I can't imagine him with more energy," dad said. "He has a lot now, but more?"

Shane, who is now a carpenter, looks forward to Kyle growing to a more normal size. Currently, Kyle is in the 10th percentile for his age in weight

Kyle will receive the new kidney from his dad days after his 5th birthday next month.

The family as well as the Troy community is attempting to raise $50,000 to help with medical expenses. According to the website, the family has raised more than $12,000.

The family will also host a washer's tournament Aug. 9 in Moscow Mills, Mo.

Players must check in at 10 a.m. with all parties present. Teams can practice between 10 and 11 a.m., with the tournament starting at 11 a.m.

The event will also include a raffle, silent auction, concession stand, carnival games and a playground.

If you would like to pre-register, contact Mandy Morrison at morrisoa@troy.k12.mo.us

Continue to follow the family's journey on Kyle's Facebook page. If you're interested in helping the family, check out his Children's Organ Transplant Associate webpage.


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